How to downgrade your Huawei OR Honor Phones.

Huawei sub owned company Honor is currently one of the leading mobile phone manufacturers in the budget segment. Where Huawei and Honor devices lack in certain features. Talking about emui 9 it is the latest EMUI available from Honor and Huawei for there exiting smart phones. Where as lot of people don't want the newly emui 9 and people have to struggle a lot to roll back to the older version of EMUI 8 from emui 9 and emui 5 from emui 8.

In this post i have tried my best to explain you the easiest method of Downgrading or rolling back to the official emui 8 from emui 9. Honor 8x is the latest phone from the Huawei/Honor receiving emui 9 and there are lot od bugs at the moment in this current emui version.

So Go through the below Steps with the images shown step by step and you will be able to downgrade your emui 9 easily As this process will only downgrade the emui version 1 step down to the official emui version.

1. Download the latest HiSuite and install it on your Laptop/Computer.

 Open the HiSuite on your Laptop/Computer and during this process attach the Smartphone to the Computer/Laptop through the USB Cable Provided with the Phone.

Download Latest HISUITE from the below Link.

2. Now Click on the Update Button shown in the first Image after the click you will get the below screen accept the agreement and continue.

3. You will get another screen showing the latest version on your mobile Phone and just below that you will get another option to "SWITCH TO OTHER VERSION"
Click on the tab and accept all the notification that you receive. and then you will get the below image on your computer screen and do not disconnect your phone while performing this update.
The Update totally depends on the internet speed provided from your ISP.

Note: It is mandatory to Backup your device before performing this process as this process will entirely delete all the information, text, images and all the files from your device.

Now Once it is being updated your phone will restart several times so do not panic and wait for the process to complete. Now once it is done enjoy the downgraded version of your device >>>>>

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