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Top 10 Tips to Boost your Phone Battery Life
Nowadays Mobile Phone come with huge display and they use maximum juice of your phones Battery.

How to increase Battery life or get more juice out of your Existing mobile Phone Battery ??

Let us take the Best Android Phone manufacturer "Samsung" the mobile Phones are really having better Display Quality along with Multiple features being embedded in the phone ie: wifi, Bluetooth, Torch Light, GPS and many more. And to get these feature running smoothly in the background your device needs to have sufficient power supply being provided but your device fails to provide the same due to lack of sufficient Battery. Many of the users might be happy that we are happy to run our device for a day or Two but in today's time where we have got Octacore Processors and other power consuming applications and definitely the gamer, they must be not happy with the juice being provided as it must be not enough for them. And definitely here at this point all the mobile manufactures do suffer to provide you a better battery life. if we talk about the past years between 2000-2015 the mobile manufacturers were only able to provide you a Battery with a power capacity between 2000mah to 2500mah. But now 2019 the movile manufacturers like Samsung, Micromax, Nokia, Asus, Huawei, Honor. Realme, Xiaomi and many more have come with a Better Battery capacity of 4000mah to 5000mah.

Asus is one of the handset who tried to come up with a powerful Battery of 5000mah and they have some how managed to provide more life to your existing Mobile Phone features. In today's time the Android Platform and the Mobile Phone manufacturers have tried there best to optimize the battery and there existing application where the users can get more juice out of the Battery but sadly this isn't enough. As the mobile manufacturers are also struggling to provide better Battery capacity due to lack of space inside the Phone due to the latest design and not having much of the space to provide a powerful battery. And definitely the latest Android features and Technologies like ViLTE, VoLTE and GPS and definitely many more. 

The Tips which i am going to explain in this Article is Purely Based on my regular experience that i have gone through in these last 10-12 years of using Mobile Phones from different Mobile Phones Manufacturer. Try these below Tips and i believe you will see a Better experience and few changes in your mobile Phone Battery backup.

Display Brightness : 

Try to keep your Display brightness to Manual settings if you don't use your mobile phone more frequently. As keeping your Mobile phone display to manual settings will decrease the power consumption as Ambient Light sensors will be not running regularly in background.

Twitter, Facebook, Gmail Synchronization: 

Always keep the refreshing of these Application to manual as Auto refreshing consumes more power. These application have inbuilt features in the settings to refresh the application every 15 minutes to receive the incoming messages active. Keeping the sync in manual mode will definitely bring drastic changes to the battery consumption.

Turn OFF Unnecessary Features : 

The latest Smartphone has Bluetooth, Wifi, NFC, GPS turn of all these features as keeping them active 24 hours consumes more power giving you less Battery life. And use them only when required, you can make these changes in the Settings of your Phone.

Check out in Settings - Battery Whats Sucking up more power :

Check your Battery Settings and find out the list of Software or Hardware Consuming more power on the device. Once you find them don't forget to Uninstall that Application or switch off that Particular feature which is of no use to you. There are multiple Themes as well where they consume more battery due to there heavy customization.

Power Saving Mode:

Always try to find out the Power Saving Mode in your Mobile Phone and activate it accordingly if required as using the Power saving mode will bring up more life to your Phone if you are at a place where you don't find electricity to charge up your device.

Kill Background Apps:

Always Keep a habit of closing down the recent or the unnecessary apps running in the Background if not required, this will also help you in maintaining the Battery life. As the applications running in Background also consumes plenty of Juice.

Avoid Using Live Wall Papers and Useless Widgets:

Avoid keeping Live wallpapers and unnecessary widgets on the Home screen if not required just dump them as these useless widgets also consumes more battery. But don't remove all of them, only keep those widgets what is required.

Application Updates:

Always keep a habit of keeping all the available applications upto date as keeping your application updated to the latest version brings your application more power efficient where they utilize less power and gives you better experience.

Signal Strength:

Poor Network Signal is the Biggest Culprit in draining your mobile phone Battery as there is nothing much to do in this case if you are in a area where you don't have a better coverage. If you Don't get a Better Coverage try to keep your mobile Phone Voice Call Network And mobile Data in Airplane Mode rather then keeping them active 24 hours.

Double up the Battery Capacity:

Always Prefer to carry a Power Bank in case if you are travelling for a longer period of time. 


Definitely after all these the power consumption varies on multiple factors depending upon the Mobile Phone manufacturer, your Network Service provider and the last but not the least your way of usage. But 95% the above Tips will give you a Better battery life whether you are an Android User or an Apple User.

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Best Camera Application for Android - The all in one camera
Best Camera Application for Android 2019
Camera with all Pro features And AI inbuilt

Today camera is the most important feature of any smartphone. People loves camera and are always ready to capture every moment. There are lots of camera applications available on Play store but i came across one of the best  camera application. The name of the app is S pro camera. many of you have must herd the name. Today i am sharing with you about its features.
  • AI scene detection mode - There are various mode to capture the specific shots.

  • Portrait selfie mode - Take blur background selfies 

  • Face beauty - Capture beauty shots
  • GIF - make your own GIF
  • Video - capture videos

  • Manual mode - Take control of all setting in your hand

Saturday, February 16, 2019

How to Unlock Windows 10 from Fingerprint scanner through your Android Phone

Unlock your Windows 10 Computer or Laptop with Fingerprint Scanner

How to Unlock Windows 10/Computer or Laptop from your Fingerprint scanner available in your Android Phone. This is the most common question that each one of has. Hence, in this Article we will be discussing about the ways, Tips or Tricks to get your Computer or laptop having Windows 10 Installed getting them unlocked remotely with the help of fingerprint scanner available on your Android Phone.

There are couple of Laptops and Desktop manufacturers where they provide you to unlock your computer/Laptop with the help of additional fingerprint scanner attached to the system. But what about those computer/Laptop which has got Windows 10 but no additional hardware or a scanner to get them unlocked remotely. This unlocking feature without the help of a third party hardware or scanner has been made possible by XDA developers. You need to have two software installed on your device to access the feature and you can easily Unlock your Computer or Laptop sitting any where in Ahmedabad and unlocking your device sitting in any part of the world.

The Process is very simple download links available below:

Install the .exe file on your computer or Laptop and just click on the instructions provided on the screen of your computer while installation.

Install the Below Application on your Computer or Laptop

Install the second application to your Android Phone.

Search for Remote fingerprint unlock on your Android Phone Play store OR just click and install the application from the below download link to your Android Phone. It is mandatory to have fingerprint scanner on your Android Phone where this application needs to be installed. After Installation you will find the Below options shown in the screen shot.

Steps to Follow to Activate the feature:

Click on the side upper three lines and you will find the option to My Account Click on the +icon you will find two Option By IP And Scan . I will Follow the option to Scan to add the name of your computer will be highlighted on the mobile screen with a unique code matching the ID with your Computer. 

Unlock your Windows 10 Computer or Laptop with Fingerprint Scanner

Unlock your Windows 10 Computer or Laptop with Fingerprint Scanner

Notes: to find the Computer or your Laptop while scanning make sure the first app is installed on your computer or laptop having the latest Version of windows 10 and lock your computer and also avoid using any of the local password or PIN at the same time to find your device while searching for it on the Android phone.

Next click on the Add Account and make sure to add the Microsoft/live account with the same password logged into your Windows 10 Laptop or Computer and you are good to go now. Now Just click on the Unlock option available on the fingerprint scanner application available on your Android Phone and this will just Unlock the device instantly.

Unlock your Windows 10 Computer or Laptop with Fingerprint Scanner

Unlock your Windows 10 Computer or Laptop with Fingerprint Scanner

Unlock your Windows 10 Computer or Laptop with Fingerprint Scanner

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Sunday, February 10, 2019

Airtel Ends monthly incoming Recharge Plan“Lifetime Free Incoming calls”

Airtel Ends monthly incoming Recharge Plan“Lifetime Free Incoming calls” With Two New Plans

Due to Jio effect all the Telecom Operators in INDIA started charging monthly rental to receive incoming calls as said by the Operators they need to have minimum recharge (35Rs/ month – 28 Days Validity) on the active numbers to receive incoming calls in case if they don’t utilize their numbers for Mobile Data or for Outgoing Calls.
Bharti Airtel has taken a strong stand to help there users stay with their network allowing users to stay on there network without any monthly Rental plans even if they don’t spend a single penny for outgoing calls and use the number only for Receiving incoming calls.

Airtel Ends monthly incoming Recharge Plan“Lifetime Free Incoming calls”
Airtel Ends monthly incoming Recharge Plan“Lifetime Free Incoming calls”

Airtel 23 Rupees Recharge Existing plan

Bharti Airtel has done this by replacing many of its existing plans and came up with new minimum “ARPU” plans. Let us understand ARPU i.e.: Average Revenue per User. As Per current plan an Airtel user needs to recharge the minimum prepaid validity Plan of 23 and they get a validity of 28 days and outgoing local and STD calls at 2.5 paisa per second. Local SMS charged at Rs 1, and national SMS charged at Rs 1.5 per message. This plan came into existence just to meet the ARPU to avail the services from Airtel. Whereas to make calls you need to recharge your Airtel Number from the existing plans starting from Rs 10 till 5000 Rs.

Airtel 35 Rupees Recharge Existing Plan

The second Plan starts from 35 Rs and the user get a talk time of Rs 26.66 where the outgoing calls will be charged at 2.5 paisa per second and local messages charged at Rs 1 and Rs 1.5 for Nationals SMS. This Plans gives you a validity of 28 days along with 100MB 2G/3G/4G Data.

Airtel New Lifetime Free Incoming Plan

Now Finally the Bharti Airtel has brought two new cost-effective Plans for their existing User for Rs 100 And Rs 500.
The Rs 100 Recharge Plan gives you the benefit of Rs 81.75 talk Time and the Rs 500 recharge plan gives you the benefit of Rs 420.73 worth the Talk time. Now these Both Plans offer you the best out of Best with a lifetime validity of receiving incoming calls if you don’t use your Airtel Sim for your Primary purpose with a validity of 28 days for utilizing the balance received on the recharge for making outgoing calls. Both of these plans do not offer you any internet data. But in terms of recharging your Airtel number with monthly 35Rs plan the 100 Rs plan is much better which gives you lifetime incoming calls benefit. This could not sound much better as you don’t get any mobile data benefits but just to keep your number active to receive incoming calls this could be the much lubricated plan for the existing user.

Airtel Ends monthly incoming Recharge Plan“Lifetime Free Incoming calls”, airtel new free incoming plans
Airtel Ends monthly incoming Recharge Plan“Lifetime Free Incoming calls”

Airtel is trying it’s best to retain their existing user Whereas Vodafone Idea have to come up with new and better plans to keep their existing user as due to Jio effect they might have to face more consequences or might have to face high attrition rate. Jio is consistently upgrading its network to provide a better network and lag free experience to the user.

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Oppo K1 Specifications, Price And Full Details
Oppo K1 Full Specifications and Price

Oppo has always been a leading innovative Chinese company. It always comes up with new technologies and trends. Vivo and Oppo are the sister Concern companies. It was the first company to officially launch the in - display fingerprint and the pop up camera. Vivo is always known for its high range phone and Oppo comes with the mid range devices.
Oppo k1 is its latest release. It the lowest priced phone that comes with in - display fingerprint. India is a competitive market and all the companies tries to sustain in the long run by launching budget phones.

Oppo K1 Specifications, Price And Full Details

OPPO K1 Features

Oppo K1 was launched on 7th Of February in India is exclusively available on Flipkart. It is priced at ₹16,990 with 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM. It runs on Android Oreo 8.1(ColorOS 5.2) with Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 Octa Core 1.95 GHz. It has 6.41 inch AMOLED on - cell display.It has a gaming boost feature which will make your gaming experience much exciting.

OPPO K1 Camera Specs

The 16 MP + 2 MP front camera comes with AI powered. It has a 25 MP AI beauty front camera.It looks so premium with 3D gradient body and water-drop notch and Corning Gorilla Glass 5. The specifications are really very good but we still have to wait for its real world performance.

Oppo K1 Specifications, Price And Full Details

Oppo K1 Full Specifications and Details:

Display features

Display size 6.41 inch
Resolution  2340 x 1080 pixels
GPU Adreno GPU 512
Display type  AMOLED
Display colors                  16M

Operating system and processor

Operating system  Android Oreo 8.1
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 Octa Core 1.95 GHz
Primary Clock Speed 1.95 GHz

Memory and storage

Internal storage 64 GB
RAM                              4 GB
Expandable storage 256 GB(dedicated memory card slot)

Camera features

Primary camera 16MP + 2MP(AI enabled)
Secondary camera  25 MP(AI beauty mode)
Flash Rear LED flash

Connectivity features and sensors

Network type 4G VOLTE, 4G, 3G, 2G
Micro USB Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Wi - Fi Yes
Audio jack 3.5mm
Sensors                        In-display Fingerprint Sensor, Magnetic Induction, Light Sensor,
                                     Proximity Sensor, G-sensor, Acceleration Sensor, Sensor Hub,
                                     E - compass

Battery Features

Battery capacity 3600 mAh
Talk Time 28 hrs

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Redmi Note 7 VS Samsung Galaxy M20

Samsung Galaxy M20 VS Redmi Note 7 - Design, Build, Specifications

redmi note 7 vs samsung galaxy m20

Samsung Galaxy M20 has already made a buzz in the Indian market and Samsung Galaxy M20 specifications are also fair enough at the price point Samsung has launched them. This will be the first budget segment phone from Samsung (Samsung Galaxy M20) which will directly compete with Redmi Note 7 (Samsung Galaxy M20 VS Redmi Note 7) which is about to launch on 12th February (Approx)

Samsung Galaxy M20 VS Redmi Note 7 - Price

Both the Phone has brilliant feature in this price segment Samsung Galaxy M20 has already revealed the Price of Samsung Galaxy M20 starting from 10999 INR for 3GB sAnd 32 GB variant but Redmi Note 7 is still about to figure the price point. 

Samsung Galaxy M20 VS Redmi Note 7 - Processor

Redmi Note 7 VS Samsung Galaxy M20 Samsung Galaxy M20 has Exynos 7904 Processor which is from Samsung itself and this could be compared with SD 632 SoC. Hence, Where Redmi Note 7 comes with SD 660 SoC which has already proved its Performance in past whether you play any high end games or in your day to day usage SD 660 performs really well and where i find personally Exynos 7904 has to struggle. No doubt you might not find that difference in your day to day life with Exynos 7904 if you are not a gamer and if you use your phone just for calling and few multimedia activities. Both the processor are build at 14 nano-meter (nm) and both will be power efficient. So my choice will be SD 660 above Exynos 7904 as this will give much more better results.

Exynos VS SD 660

Samsung Galaxy M20 VS Redmi Note 7 - Display

Samsung Galaxy M20 display is fair enough and comes with TFT Display where Redmi Note 7 comes with IPS LCD display. The Display size of both the phones are same but in terms of performance IPS LCD display colour, brightness and quality will be much better then TFT Display used in Samsung M20. No Doubt Samsung must have done there Homework to improve the quality of TFT panel used in there Samsung Galaxy M20 but my Preference will be IPS LCD above TFT display. As IPS LCD are more power efficient then TFT Panels. The Viewing angles are good on both the devices.

Redmi Note 7 VS Samsung Galaxy M20

Samsung Galaxy M20 VS Redmi Note 7 - Battery

To run a device battery plays the most important part with every smartphones. And here comes the Samsung Galaxy M20 powered with 5000mah battery capacity, where in Redmi note 7 is powered with 4000mah battery. On paper it clearly looks that Samsung M20 is a clear winner and definitely this is appreciated that something unique has been done by Samsung first time ever. Where the Battery backup or Performance varies on multiple factor depending upon the processor, Ram Management, Specifications and Definitely th UI. Both the devices are having quick Charge (Type C Port) feature but Samsung provides you Quick charge adapter out of the box where Redmi Note 7 you need to buy a Quick charger but this might change as the handset is still to be launched.

Samsung Galaxy M20 VS Redmi Note 7 - Design and Build Quality

Samsung Galaxy M20 is having a decent design and build quality Samsung has managed to use Poly-carbonate and looks with Glass finish. Where Redmi Note 7 comes with a glass design and Build if we take bot the handsets in hand Redmi Note 7 looks more classy with brilliant design and colour provide to the smartphones. So my choice will be Redmi Note 7 with good looks and good build quality as  you must have gone through the couple of Bent Test for Redmi Note 7 and it has been clearly seen that the back panel of Redmi note 7 was not broken.

Samsung Galaxy M20 VS Redmi Note 7 - Display Protections

Samsung Galaxy M20 display comes with Dragon trail Asahi glass where Redmi Note 7 comes with Corning Gorilla Glass 5 Protection and Definitely here as well Redmi Note 7 is a clear winner.

Samsung Galaxy M20 VS Redmi Note 7 - Camera

best design Redmi note 7 or Samsung Galaxy M20Both the Device comes with Dual camera setup where Redmi Note 7 is 48 MP powered Device and Samsung no where stands beside Redmi Note 7. No doubt the 48 MP camera can be activated with Pro mode or features on Redmi Note 7 but if we talk about the 13 MP primary camera on Redmi Note 7 it comes with 1.6 micron Pixels where you will get much better photography in low light condition. There is nothing mush to say about Samsung as Redmi Note 7 is far better then Samsung Galaxy M20 in terms of camera Quality.

Samsung Galaxy M20 VS Redmi Note 7 - UI

Samsung has come with there Experience UI 9.5 on Samsung M20 where Redmi Note 7 comes with MIUI 10 out of the Box with Redmi Note 7. And Definitely MIUI is much more optimized then any other UI available in today's time. So Redmi Note 7 MIUI will be a clear winner over here as i believe there are more users of MIUI at the moment.

Points to Consider Samsung Galaxy M20

  • Samsung Galaxy M20 comes with huge 5000mah battery
  • Samsung Galaxy M20 has got Triple slot hence, two sim card and one memory card at the same time
  • Samsung Galaxy M20 comes with Quick Charger (Adapter) out of the Box

Points to Consider Redmi Note 7

  • Redmi Note 7 has a better UI (MIUI)
  • Redmi Note 7 comes with 48 MP Camera
  • Redmi Note 7 display is protected with Corning Gorrila Glass 5
  • Redmi Note 7 has got IPS LCD Display
  • Redmi Note 7 has a better Processor SD660 SoC
  • Redmi Note 7 has a better design and build Quality

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Samsung Galaxy M20, Price, Full Specifications, Features And Price

Samsung Galaxy M20, Price, Full Specifications, Features And Price

Samsung Galaxy M20 could be one of the best budget segment from Samsung as they have launched Samsung Galaxy M20 And Samsung Galaxy M10. Where Samsung is struggling hard to bring up new products in the Budget segment priced between 10K - 20K. And here they come up with there newly launched Phone Samsung Galaxy M20 this would be the first M series Phone from Samsung. Now coming to the device itself (Samsung M20) The Samsung M20 mobile features a 6.3" *(16cm) display with a screen resolution of  1080*2340 pixels FHD display and run on Android Oreo V8.1 out of the box. The device is powered with Exynos 7904 Octa Core Processor (1.5Ghz Dual core, Cortex A73+1.6GHz Hexa Core Cortex A53) Coupled with 3/4GB RAM. The storage in Samsung M20 comes with 32/64GB which can be expanded upto 512GB with the help of micro SD card.

Samsung Galaxy M20 Details

As far as the Battery is concerned it has got a massive 5000mah which will give you easily back up of 1.5 days. Samsung Galaxy M20 has got dual rear camera 13+5MP and a 8MP front shotter for selfie lovers. Coming to the Graphics, Samsung Galaxy M20 can run games good with the help of Mali -G71 MP2 GPU but you might not get that great experience while playing high end games like PUBG you might find bit sluggish. The device has got couple of sensors like Proximity sensor, Accelerometer, fingerprint sensor and a compass. The design is always a big factor for the mobile manufacturers but this device could be compared with other brands where you get much more good looks and durability as Samsung Galaxy M20 is made up of Poly-carbonate.

Samsung M20 Price, Samsung M20 Specifications
SAMSUNG GALAXY M20 Specifications

Samsung Galaxy M20 Specifications And Details:


Processor                                         Exynos 7904 (Octa Core)
Graphics                                          Mali-G71 MP2
Architecture                                    64Bit
RAM                                               3/4 GB (Two Variant)
RAM Type                                      LPDDR4
Internal Storage                              32/64GB
Expandable                                     YES, Upto 512GB


Display Type                                  TFT (Full HD)
Screen Size                                     6.3 inches (16cm)
Pixel Density                                  409 PPI
Bezelles Display                             YES, Waterdrop 
Screen Resolution                           1080*2340 pixels
Touch Screen                                   YES, Multi Touch, Capacitive
Screen to Body Ratio                       83.44 %


Audio Jack                                       YES, 3.5mm
FM Radio                                         YES
Loudspeaker                                     YES
Audio Feature                                   Dolby Atmos (Thumbs up for this)


Operating System                            Android Oreo V8.1
Sim Slots                                         Dual Sim, Dual VoLTE along with additional memory slot
Model                                              Galaxy M20
Launch Date                                    5th February 2019
Fingerprint sensor                            YES, Rear side
Weight                                              186gms
Color                                                 Ocean Blue, Charcoal Black


Rear Camera                                    Dual 13+5MP
Settings                                            ISO Control
Camera Features                              Touch to Focus, Auto Flash, Face Detection
Auto Focus                                       YES
Image Resolution                             4128*3096 Pixels
Shooting Modes                               Continuous Shoot, High Dynamic Range (HDR)
Front Camera                                    8MP
Physical aperture                               f2.0
Flash                                                  Screen Flash
Video Recording                               1920*1080 @30fps 


Battery Capacity                               5000mah
Quick Charge                                    YES, Fast Charge
Battery Type                                      Li-ion
Removable                                        No, User replaceable

Network Connectivity

Wifi                                                   YES, Wifi 802.11 b/g/n
Wifi Features                                     Mobile Hotspot
Bluetooth                                           YES, 5.0
USB TYPE                                        Type C
USB Connectivity                              USB Charging, Mass Storage
Network Type                                    4G VoLTE(Supports Indian Bands) 2G and 3G
GPS                                                    YES, With A-GPS, Glonass


Overall the Samsung Galaxy M20 is good in this price segment but definitely not Perfect as there are lot of other mobile manufacturers  which provide you much more specs with good design and build Quality in this Price segment Like Realme U1, Realme 2 Pro, Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2, Honor 8X, Redmi Note 5 Pro, Redmi Note 6 Pro And Upcoming Redmi Note 7. Samsung has compromised on lot of other Specs like Camera, Display type and the build quality and design. But this could be a better choice for them who are more in love with Brands. 

But definitely i have to say that this is a good try from Samsung to Bring up a Smartphone in the Price Segment of 10K-20K and this will generate bit of competition with the existing players in the market.

YouTube Play MP3 Music in Background

Play MP3 music on YouTube like your default music player

YouTube is one of the Biggest Platform available till today for Videos. Just Imagine if this Video Platform (YOUTUBE) starts providing all the available contents in Audio Or mp3, would be really great. YouTube has got almost all the contents across the globe and they all are in Video format and believe me if YouTube starts rolling out there new audio feature where you can play music just like your normal mp3 player or your device music player would be really great. But this has been made possible by XDA developers they have recently launched a new application where you can play your offline music (Music saved in your memory card) from your device itself and all the available content from YouTube and play them as mp3 (Audio Format). You can also keep this app running behind and you can access all the benefits of a music player over here.

y-music, play mp3 music on youtubehow to play mp3 music on youtube in background, ymusic, XDA developers

music player to play music in background from youtube

Y-Music Player for Android playes MP3 music from YouTube Directly 

Y-music has got all the features that a music player should have like equalizer, Appearance where you can change colour and Backgrounds of the player (Y Music). It has also got content settings where you can change language and Region. You also get an option to Restrict Mode, include and exclude folders. You also have Playback option where you get Equalizer, Audio Focus, Play Video and Album Art Lock on Screen. This also gives you an additional feature where you can also download the music directly from YouTube and play them as mp3 in your default mobile music player. Please find the Download Link below:
y-music player
This will be definitely one of the best application for music lover as this gives you all the Benefits that a music lover is always looking for. You might find
few ads to support XDA developers but they have also given you the access to the Premium Version where you can Remove ads and enjoy music at a very minimal cost of 120 INR and you can enjoy the premium benefits of this App. Click on the Below Icon this will redirect you to XDA official website where you will find the apk download details.