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If we talk about gaming we have lot of games available in the market and on play store at this time. Definitely playing games give you a pleasure and of course tension as well if you loose and if you win it's a win win situation. We will bring you the most relevant games for your mobile and Laptops. In today's time if we talk about gaming and if don't talk about PUBG would irrelevant because this game has almost crashed the entire market and it can be found on any smartphone in today's time.

Before we go ahead for the best games available to play on play store let us talk about what is online game:
Online games are played online through the available internet in a group or alone with the help of computer. These online games can be played through couple of modes available in the market ie: Smartphone, Laptop and Gaming consoles. The gaming environment of these online games can be basic or a very high conceptual/ virtual environment graphics. There could be a variety of games available on different platforms such as Adventures Games, Social Games, And War mode games.
Online games have been mostly all the times in controversy for Cyberbullying and Violence. These online games cold end up getting you involved very deeply end up your Social life. These all online games are connected through different available servers across the world to give yo a better and a smooth experience. Online Gaming is a very huge market in today's time as it has already attracted variety of people from different age groups. There are two kind of games available in the market ie: Chargeable and free games. The first ever game was created in earlier 1978 and later this has grown up very bigger nowadays. It would be always better to keep limited relations with these or any of the online games.

There are couple of Best games available on play store in today's time ad we will discuss few of them over here:

1. PUBG 


3.ShadowGun: DeadZone

4. Clash Royale

5. HQ Trivia

These above games are the most addictive and downloaded games from the play store.

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